Malay Family Cuisine is a family ran business based out of Vancouver. Our goal is to provide quality unprocessed food to the public while simultaneously sharing traditional Malaysian dishes that we, as a family, all grew up eating. Food has always been a big part of our home and our culture. Our late grandmother used to always cook us meals with immense love and care, and in a world now where manufactured foods full of preservatives are the norm, we strive to put that love and care back into what we all eat. We originally started as a small catering company, but soon we will be branching into multiple stores as well as taking online purchases from our website. Although we encourage growth we stay committed to keeping our food as fresh as possible. We cook everything in small batches in our kitchen using all natural ingredients. Overall, we are amazed and grateful for our customers and the love we have received back from our family recipes, and we will continue to promote health and our culture one delicious plate at a time.

We have received confirmation for our 2016 schedule.
Check us out. It's MAKAN time.

1. April 10th 2016 Port Moody Winter Market
2. April 16th 2016 Chilliwack Food Truck Festival
3. April 23rd 2016 Abbotsford Food Truck Festival
4. April 30th 2016 Mission Food Truck Festival

5. Every Friday from May 6th to Sep 30th 2016
Shipyard Night Market

6. May 1st 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
7. May 6th 2016 Shipyard Night Market
8. May 13th 2016 Shipyard Night Market
9. May 14th 2016 Maple Ridge Food Truck Festival
10. May 20th 2016 Shipyard Night Market
11. May 21st 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
12. May 27th 2016 Shipyard Night Market
13. May 29th 2016 Coquitlam Farmers Market

14. June 3rd 2016 Shipyard Night Market

15. June 4th 2016 Langley City Food Truck Festival
16. June 10th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.
17. June 17th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.
18. June 24th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

19. July 1st 2016 Shipyard Night Market.
20. July 8th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

21. July 9th 2016 Khatsalano Street Party

22. July 15th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

23. July 16th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market

24. July 22nd 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

25. July 29th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

26. July 23rd to 24th 2016 Coquitlam Kaleidoscope Festival

27. Aug 5th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.
28. Aug 6th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market

29. Aug 12th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

30. Aug 14th 2016 Coquitlam Farmers Market
31. Aug 19th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

32. Aug 20th 2016 - A must to come
4th Annual Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Festival

33. Aug 26th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

34. Aug 27th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market

35. Sept 2nd 2016 Shipyard Night Market.
36. Sept 3rd 2016 Richmond World Festival

37. Sept 9th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

38. Sept 16th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

39. Sept 17th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market

40. Sept 23rd 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

41. Sept 30th 2016 Shipyard Night Market.

42. Sept 24th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
43. Sept 25th 2016 Coquitlam Farmers Market
44. Oct 1st 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
45. Oct 8th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
46. Oct 15th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
47. Oct 22nd 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market
48. Oct 29th 2016 Burnaby Farmers Market

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