New Food Trucks Arrive At Street Food Vancouver

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We have welcomed 5 new vendors into the mix, they are Tornado Potato, Nonna’s Kitchen, Shwarmatime, Dos Amigos and Indish. This rounds out a group of 30 of Vancouver’s premium food trucks and purveyors. I’ll be featuring Indish, who serves up delicious Indian plates, later in this story.

This summer, the events are back! Food trucks are ramping up to serve a busy season. You’ll continue to see trucks at popular parks and beaches, but also serving some of Vancouver’s top events that took a hiatus for the last couple years. The fabric has changed for trucks in the city, due to the pandemic’s restrictions on traditional restaurants and events, food trucks saw a resurgence in catering lunches, dinners and redesigned outdoor events. The style of service a food truck offers has served communities well, with an increased ability to social distance, by serving with a touchless system and by being able to pivot easily through an ever changing set of restrictions and rules. Like most businesses, there was an initial pause and regroup when covid hit. But the mobile nature of a business on wheels, meant that these businesses were set to have profitable years, even with the absence of large scale events.

Instead of a company treating its staff to an indoor dinner for 50 or an outdoor buffet style BBQ for 100+, the safer option became to hire a food truck. The trucks are fast, completely self sufficient, and leave without a trace. Most trucks will help the organiser create a special menu and coordinate guests so meals are served without large wait times. Additionally most street food menus cater to all dietary restrictions, providing something for everyone.


Ok on to my latest street food craving! …you may have seen this new orange food truck, Indish, at your local farmers market or park, within the last couple years. I’m a lucky guy because I operate a coffee truck, Green Coast Coffee, and quite often I’m selling alongside Indish. Owners Anant and Bob enjoy my oatmilk lattes and one of the best perks of owning a truck is the trades! My go-to dish is their coconut curry wrapped in a perfectly baked naan bread, fluffy but moist, this plate is worth bottomless lattes in my books! I spoke with Anant, and Tushar, two friends from India, about the origin of Indish.


They told me that growing up in India, their families had a very strong cooking and food culture. Similar in some ways but very unique in others. They stressed that Indian food has always been a lot more than what is found in local restaurants. In India, the recipes and dishes change every few kilometres. They’re bringing those unique flavours to Vancouver but with a modern flair! Their cuisine is prepared consciously, with options for all dietary restrictions and some indulgences! Follow their journey and truck @indishfoodtruck


The author: Kelly McKenzie is a local food truck operator and fan. Alongside his partner, Yasmin, they own and operate, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, Green Coast Coffee, Aperitivo Bar and Cafe Truck and Melt City Grilled Cheese.